WITNESSed: The (Unexpected) Emotional Impact of Archiving

This past Winter/Spring, I completed an archival internship at WITNESS. The archives department is micro, as in just-one-super-awesome-archivist, but mighty. The experience was delightful and all that an internship should be*: informative, educational, fun and relationship building.

At the end of my experience there, I wrote an article for the WITNESS blog.

The (Unexpected) Emotional Impact of Archiving (credit WITNESS)

“Sitting down to work my first day as an intern in the archive department at WITNESS was exciting. I hadn’t started a new position in over two years and I was pleased to be taking steps towards transitioning from library world to the realm of archives. Though I anticipated that the material I was assigned would be difficult to view, I was completely unprepared for the emotional impact that watching human rights footage would have on me…”


WITNESS, Brooklyn, NY

Media Archives Intern, February 2015 – May 2015

·    Performed a variety of hands-on tasks including cataloging, tape capture, digital ingest and online research.

·    Used various software tools to capture, analyze, view and transfer video files.

·    Created metadata for unpublished human rights video footage in a cataloging database.

·    Became knowledgeable of the processes and components of a digital archiving workflow within a small organization.


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